The ABC Solution, growing you, Part II

So we now have the website set up, the business is live, but where do we start, luckily with Utility Warehouse, it is all explained to you in several free training sessions, I believe the fee is worth the money alone just for the training and personal development, with a complete online training schedule and superb interactive training class rooms, it really can be a dummies guide to your new business.

But who do you have behind you and who says they are any good? The Company is Telecom Plus, based in North London, and operates only from this main office, it was founded in 1996 as a telecommunications business. Its first product, launched in 1997, which was a least cost call routing ‘Smart Box’, a gadget that plugs into a phone socket and then routes the calls to alternative networks at a cheaper rate than British Telecom Since then, the company has added to its portfolio: a full landline telephony service, mobile telephony (piggybacked on the T-Mobile network), broadband, gas and electricity (the company is licensed by OFGEM), and a Cash Back card (a pre-paid Mastercard).

To date, the business has grown to over 375,000 domestic and small-business customers, around 30,000 of whom are also Distributors, signing up new customers under a Multi-level marketing scheme in return for a residual income.

In March 2009 the Company was awarded the prestigious title of “Company of the Year” at the Quoted Company Awards annual dinner.

In February 2011, Which? magazine named the Utility Warehouse as the UK’s ‘Best Energy Supplier’ for the third year in a row. It also names the company Recommended Provider for Home Phone. Which? named the Utility Warehouse ‘Recommended Provider’ for Broadband in September 2010, and awarded it a ‘Best Buy’ for Home Phone and Broadband in Dec 2008, Feb 2010 (renewed in August 2010).

Trading as The Utility Warehouse, Telecom Plus has no shops and does not advertise on television or in the national press. The entire operation (including call centres) is based in North London, with around 450-500 staff.

So as you can see, this is something special, and at the presentation evenings you learn more about the people behind the business, but if you can’t wait just google Charles Wigoder.

Thank you for reading part II, I will update again later this week, to get involved as a customer please visit and as an interested distributor please visit, also don’t forget businesses you aren’t left out, your page is

The Pig

The Utility Warehouse Pig

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